Good in Tech Research Network Publications in 2022: Impact of AI on society and building responsible AI

Selection of 3 papers published and one paper selected in international conference in 2022 :


  • Crosset Valentine, Dupont Benoît (2022). Cognitive assemblages: The entangled nature of algorithmic content moderation, Big Data & Society, Volume 9, Issue 2, July-December


  • Crépel Maxime, Cardon Dominique (2022), Robots vs algorithmes, Prophétie et critique dans la représentation médiatique des controverses de l’IA, Réseaux 2022/2-3 (N° 232-233), p. 129 à 167


  • Balagué Christine, Zhong Zeling (2022). The Role of Consumer Perceptions of the Ethics of Machine Learning in the Appropriation of Artificial Intelligence-Based System. Marketing Science Virtual Conference (ISMS).