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Introduction: Marie Brière (Scientific Director of the FaIR program, Institut Louis Bachelier) and Guillaume Simon (Chairman of the Quant Club, Association Française de Gestion)

17h-17h40: Alternative Data: A Guide for Investors, Traders and Risk Managers
Alexander Denev (Head of AI – Financial Services, Risk Advisory at Deloitte, Lecturer in Mathematical Finance at the University of Oxford) – slides

17h40-18h20: Using unstructured data for financial market application
Ronnie Sadka (Professor of Finance, Boston College) – slides 

18h20-19h: Panel Discussion Alternative Data: Opportunities and Challenges for the Asset Management Industry

  • Ghizlaine Amrani (Co-founder and COO, Quantcube Technology)
  • Pierre Haren (CEO and Co-founder at Causality Link)
  • Eric Lebigot (Head of Data Sourcing at Capital Fund Management)

With recent advances in information technology and data analytics, individuals’ and businesses’ activities can be tracked through their digital footprints or satellite imagery. Today, roughly half of all investment firms use alternative data, ie large and complex dataset like consumer transaction data, retail investment volumes, web traffic, social media, satellite imagery. Asset managers have been estimated to invest $4 billion into alternative data in 2017 (Opimas Research 2017). These numbers will likely continue to grow, with the increasing need of ESG alternative data, and asset managers heavily investing in these technologies. If alternative data bring new insights, they also lack depth, can suffer from selection bias, and have an ambiguous impact on market efficiency. Are they really a game changer for the industry?

This roundtable aims to discuss:

  • How can alternative data sources be used by asset managers?
  • What is their value-added for investment strategies?
  • What are their potential biases and how should their due diligence be done?
  • Does the dissemination of alternative data sets increase market efficiency, trading volumes and liquidity?

Concluding Remarks: Adina Gurau Audibert (Head of Asset Management, AFG)





Organizing Committee:

  • Louis Bertucci (ILB)
  • Marie Brière (ILB)
  • Adina Gurau-Audibert (AFG)
  • Guillaume Simon (CFM)


Partner Institutions

  • Institut Louis Bachelier
  • Finance and Insurance Reloaded (FaIR)
  • AFG, QUANT Club